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RC Training Wales provides practical training in vital outdoor skills - for professionals, leaders or perfectionsist walkers who lead groups in wild country and lowland areas. We also produce specialist training courses for military, rescue and police units in wild country areas.The LLAW Outdoor Leader Awards provides robust outdoor skills to organise and supervise groups of learners in outdoor lowland environments. Wild Country First Aid Nationally accredited courses - whicxh answer the questions - as an Outdoor professional, do you know what do you need to do when the unexpected happens..? Do you really know exactly what you would do..? Do you really have a plan..? Do you carry an effective first aid kit..?  What should you easily carry that would help you and your casualty? These courses explore the reality behind incidents in the outdoors, and explain clearly and with humour by Outdoor Professionals the difference between responses in urban and open countryside. You will understand the thought processes necessary to ensure effective and appropriate response by the emergency services - ensuring the best care for your casualty. At the end of the course, you will know how your training should be planned to ensure that emergencies become controlled events where the casualty has best chance of survivability. LLAW - All Wales Lowland and Open Moorland Leader Awards The course is ideal for Teachers, DofE Leaders, and others who intend taking groups into lowland areas, with opportunities for personal growth and  development  to LLAW Level 2  - Open Moorland Supervision. The commitment is 96 hours of tutor contact time  including a two night expedition and assessment. During the course the candidates are expected to log 32 hours of learning consolidation events where they apply their learning in practical situations. Reflective/Module assessment logs provide evidence of learning and progression through learning pathways..      


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